Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's the little comments...

One of the goals that I set for myself is to get my weight back under control. I signed up for Weight Watchers back in September 2005. My starting weight? It was 236.6 lbs. It was a terrible weight to be at considering that I am only 5'4". As of last Wednesday, I weight a total of 158.8 lbs. I am just under 20 lbs to my goal weight. Piece of cake, right? I mean I've already lost the majority of my weight... how hard can the last 20 lbs be? Let me tell you! I am finding it very hard. Over the last few months (Months!?!), I've been going back and forth on the scale. It is SOOO frustrating!

It is so hard to keep in mind what I have accomplished so far. Sometimes, a little comment to me just catches me off guard and snaps me back onto the track.

What was it this time?

I recently went into Lane Bryant to look for a birthday gift for a good friend of mine. She recently joined WW again too. The one thing that I know that helps is new (smaller) clothes on your weight loss journey. Anyways, a friend and I walked in to find an outfit. A sales clerk greeted us as we enter into the store. Our short but sweet conversation went as follows:

Sales Clerk: "Hello Ladies. Welcome to Lane Bryant. Is there something that I can help you with?"

Me: "I'm here to look for a gift for a friend of mine... I am hoping to be inspired!"

Sales Clerk: "That's great. Just so you know... this is a plus-size clothing store".

Me: "Yes, thank you. We know".

Inside my mind .. I am saying "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!". Of course, I know that LB is a plus-size store... as my gold LB credit card is well aware of too. Just imagine! She took me as someone who didn't shop there... someone who wouldn't need to shop there! Needless to say.. that conversation made my night.

On a side note, I did find a great outfit for my friend. So it was a win / win shopping trip!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't nice how the little comments out of no where make you smile the biggest? Its what the whole Grace in Small things posts are about.

By the way, I meant to tell you the other night, you're looking fantastic!