Monday, July 19, 2010

And it's Monday once again...

I made it! And, I think without much damage ... both mentally and physically. :) I just have a little sunburn on my upper back. That's not too shabby!

A group of wonderful fun-loving women descended upon my house this past Saturday to celebrate the pending nuptials to our good friend, "Cinnamon". Games! Food! Great stories! We couldn't have asked for better weather as we celebrated on the backyard deck!

We only had one casualty... a beautiful pair of hot pink shoes were damaged in the line of fire. We will always remember the sacrifice that those shoes made for the Bride-to-Be. (I also think the store will also hear about the sacrifice since they were only 2 days old.)

I think everyone had to loosen up their waistline a bit for the delicious food. (I'm sorry that there is a lack of pictures. My camera is dying a slow and painful death.) I know that we are certainly enjoying the leftovers.

I can definitely tell you that the Rum Cake and the Italian Creme cake were a big hit. I highly recommend that you make them for your next gathering. You can not go wrong!

Here are the links to the appropriate websites:

Rum Cake -

Italian Creme Cake -

Needless to say, I had a wonderful time... and I believe that Cinnamon did as well.... it was well worth the work and the anxiety/stress that was involved. It was also wonderful to have the opportunity to finally put the "faces" with the names from hearing stories I've heard over the years from Cinnamon. I am very much looking forward to the big day!

Now bring on the bachelorette party!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little bit awkward…

I must admit that I am feeling a bit awkward in writing on here today. I guess I was being a bit naïve about it. In my head, I knew that anyone would have the ability to read my thoughts or opinions entries (even if only a few). However, I truly believed that my reader(s) consists mostly my blog-reading friends and the occasional individual who is just trolling.

That belief bubble was popped a couple of weeks ago. I received a message through my facebook account from a person I haven’t talked to in 14 years. In the message, the person mentioned that he read my blog… and not only read the recent postings but apparently read the older ones too. I was caught completely off guard from hearing from this person. I thought I had lost this person completely from my life… our lives… when communication ceased a few months after my mother/his wife passing. So many feelings just started running through my head … old and painful feelings of my mother’s passing and the events that followed. I also felt relief to know that he was still alive and a little bit happy that he had reached out. I honestly thought that he wanted to forget that we were in his life.

I didn’t respond right away to the message. I used the excuse of going away for a lake house weekend retreat as a viable reason (if only in my head) not to respond right away… I needed to decide whether I wanted to “open a door or heck … a small window” in my current life for this person… I needed to decide whether to let my siblings know that he had contacted me… but if I am going to be completely honest, I must admit that a small part of the reason is that I wanted to make him sweat it out a little.

After the long weekend, I did reply back. And, now I wait…. It has been almost 2 weeks since I’ve replied back. I’ve heard nothing… and I am slowly coming to terms with that. I’ve been happy that I had decided to wait before telling my siblings. After all, why should I expose them to this emotional turmoil that I’ve been experiencing? During the day, it has been somewhat easy to push my feelings to the backburner for I have been so busy getting the bridal shower ready for my friend or working at this busy time at my job. However, the feelings of doubt, etc seem to crawl and slither into my consciousness during those few minutes before fall asleep or after waking up in the morning. I’m not sure how I am going to be once this shower happens and this busy time at work passes. Time will only tell.

I also realize that I haven’t written on here during this time period too. Again, I thought that I was simply too busy to do so… but that’s not the truth. The truth is that this blog is another window to my life (a very small hole but a hole nonetheless). I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with this or not.

This morning, I decided that I do … at least for now. I am just not so naïve about the concept of it as I once was.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Randomness

Because it is the Friday before a three day weekend, I can’t seem to keep my mind focus on any one thing for any period of time.

Five more minutes, please

Each weekday morning, I go into my daughter’s bedroom, flip on the lights, and start pulling her outfit out for the day. She will slowly wake up and become the little cherub that all 2 years old can be. This morning? She buries her face into her favorite stuffed animal, Dottie, and tells me “No, I’m sleeping”. *smirks* Like that that was going to work… silly girl.

Michael Vick

I won’t get into whether I believe he deserved what he got etc from the dog fighting and betting. However, you have to admit… shit seems to happen whenever that man is around... whether he is directly involved or not. If I was him? I would totally keep out of the clubs and sit on the big piles of money that I am earning from my football salary at home. It’s just not worth it.

Money spent on college a waste?

A good friend of mine asked me if I would be able to help him out today with converting coordinates into quadratic equation. *poof* My mind went completely blank. I even hopped online to see if I could nudge a nugget of my mathematical bachelors’ degree knowledge into gear. Nope! I declined to help him… felt like an ass to do so. It has been 14 years since I’ve had to even think about quadratic equations. In all my mathematical knowledge this afternoon, I’ve determined that I am getting old and forgetful.

Cheap nail polish is not worth it.

In preparation of the holiday weekend, I spent much demand time last night in giving myself (and the Little One) a manicure. I got this cool nail polish from Del Sol that changes colors whether it is in the sun or not. I thought that would be a great thing to wear this weekend seeing how we will be outdoors a lot. After the manicure, I went to bed… had to get up at 5:30 am after all this morning. Already! My nails are starting to chip… and that is with 2 top coats of clear polish. *grumbles*

Speaking of manicures, I can just imagine what the daycare sitters are thinking of today with my daughter walking in with deep dark red on her fingertips. I admit it! I gave in to her last night just so we could move on… I had very limited time. Lesson learned? Do not show the Little One all the available colors…. Oh and don’t give in to a tantrum despite time shortage. I’ll have several days of remembrance as we hang out this weekend seeing how that nail polish is apparently higher quality than the one I’ve on my nails.

I want to wish everyone a pleasant 4th of July weekend. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time with whatever plans that you've made for yourself.... even if relatives are involved.