Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another five pounds bites the dust…

That’s right! You heard me! As of my weigh-in last night, I met my 5 lb loss goal. Not too bad, if I don’t say so myself. I just might be comfortable in that bridesmaid dress after all!

So, I am setting myself another 5 lb loss goal. It is going to be quite difficult I believe. All of my weekends from now until Columbus Day weekend have some event or travel planned. It ranges from a dinner at a friend’s house to Girls Only / Bachelorette Weekend to camping with my dad and his girlfriend. It’s pure craziness!

I’m not sure how my schedule got so packed! Each weekend is going to present all sorts of food challenges for me. At least, I will also be having lots of fun to with family and friends.

So all I can say to the challenges is…. “Bring it on, Bitches!”

Monday, August 10, 2009


The Runaway Bunny …

I have decided that I particularly do not like this children’s book. I will be putting it back on the shelf. I don’t like how the theme is that basically you can try to run away but I will follow you wherever you go so it’s rather pointless to run away. Not that you are happy to stay with your mom… but that there is no hope of escaping so suck it up. Yeah, I don’t think I rather care for that message. Back the book goes.


Summer? Is it here finally?

What a crazy, wet, mild summer we are having. On one hand, it doesn’t really make me regret the financial decision of keeping the pool close this year… On the other hand, will I truly appreciate my most beloved season, Fall, without a scorching summer to prep me?


Can't lose focus!

Okay, so I finally went in for my first fitting for the bridesmaid dress. Not a lot of work needed to be done... woot! The zipper needed to be replaced and the dress need to be let out a little bit (1/2 inch). Not bad, I must say. Now, if only I can keep focus on the weight loss! So difficult to do with all the yummy BBQ food that is out there. Will power? Where are you!? Come back here!


The Little One

Nope, she is not walking yet. However, she gets around quite handily by either crawling or "walking" on her knees. The Hubby and I think it will be soon though. She is handling herself quite well with the walking when you hold her hands or she is pushing a toy. Let's hope that the babyproofing will stand a chance when she discovers this new form of transportation. In the meantime, we will just entertain ourselves by watching her point out her nose, mouth, and belly. Wow... are all parents this easily entertained?