Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop taxing / banning foods please?

As you can see from my short blog history, I am not normally one that goes into a rant about some political topic or another. In fact, you probably find me more knowledgeable about Kate & Jon Gosselin or Jesse James / Sandra Bullock’s divorce than topics in the political arena.

However now and then, certain things do break in my “Ignorance is bliss” aura such as the article that prompted this posting:

Seriously? How on earth is the fact that the little toys being banned from certain kids meals going to stop me (or any other parent) from buying that meal for my kid (our children)? You are basically stopping the kid from getting a toy. The parents are still going to buy the food… it’s fast, it’s cheap, and let’s face it… for the most part… it is yummy. Don’t the politicians have better issues to spend their time and energy on? If not, I just might move to that particular county for I am sure it will be positively heavenly if this is the only issue affecting their citizens.

How about the proposed sugary beverage tax that my home state is dealing with? This is getting ridiculous! Personally, I stick to the diet sodas if I even find myself drinking something other than water. However, I would not think to make a “neighbor” to pay more because they like the non-diet soda. It is their choice if they want to drink that stuff. Where does it stop? Next, are they going to increase tax on white bread because wheat / whole grain is better for you?

If you want us to make better decisions about our food choices, just make sure that the information is readily available. For example, I personally like that the certain restaurants around here has the caloric information listed on their menus but how about the other information such as fat or fiber information. It doesn’t have to be on the menu but be available if a customer asks for it. Or, how about offering incentives to businesses to come up with healthier choices for their clientele... Or, help lower the costs of the healthier food in the stores such as fresh produce (without raising the cost of non healthy). Get the health information out there to the average citizen... such as the food pyramid or serving sizes… we learned that stuff back in high school health class. I, for one can tell you, had forgotten all about that information until I started with Weight Watchers a few years ago.

Give me the information and research… but don’t remove my right to choose!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

A bit sore…

Finally, we were given a day of beautiful weather where I was not hindered by other plans. I was able to tackle the initial spring yard clean-up. The result?

  • I’m sore!!!!
  • Came to the realization that I need to do yard work with a tube top and shorts so that I don’t end up with an embarrassing tan lines for the upcoming fall wedding that I am participating in.
  • Oh… and the yard looks decent. Although, I think our yard would still be considered the “black sheep” of the neighborhood.
  • I’ve also determined that the people on our street have entirely too much time on their hands to have such perfect lawns.

On Saturday, if you were following me, you would have seen me outside raking the dead grass, mowing the live grass, and spreading lawn fertilizer on our postage stamp of a yard.

There is still so much work to be done. There is some serious landscaping on our “postage stamp” from previous home owners. Unfortunately, they did not stay on top of the upkeep of this landscaping. (Probably because they knew they would be selling the house and it’s a hassle.) The Hubby and I also have failed in doing such during the few years that we have had the house.

First priority for me is to create an area in the backyard that our Little One can play. Thanks to a really good friend, a couple of huge bushes were removed before winter set in. Now that it is spring, we need to finish cleaning up that particular area (as well as the rest of the land).

Now, we have even more incentive to get this task completed for the grandparents would like to buy the Little One a swing set. This area is the only place that can handle such a thing. Now, you will get to witness our journey in restoring a beautiful yard. (Okay, beautiful may be pushing it… how about a “not so ragged” looking yard? Yeah, that works.)

With the huge bushes gone, there are some few major steps that we need to do:
  • Get rid of a huge boulder. We are not exactly sure how to do this. We are hoping that a local landscaper may want it and would be willing to extract it from our yard in exchange of having such a piece of landscaping gold in their possession.
  • Get rid of the damaged wooden borders and old bark pieces.
  • Once all of that is done, we need to level the area by filling in dips or flattening bumps.
Has anyone done this before? Are we missing something? Any suggestions on how to get rid of a 70 x 60 x 30 in boulder?

Comments/Suggestions welcomed!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanted: Magic Mirror

Do you ever find yourself in a moment or situation that you wish you had an all-knowing guide to give you a glimpse of what lies ahead?

Obviously, we would still want our choice but it would be nice to know what lies ahead if you make a certain decision… even if it is just a short outlook.

I know that each person should live their lives so that they have no regrets. I would say for the most part, I have led such a life. However, I can still look back in my life and say to myself “Wow… Magic Mirror could have warned me about that person who will eventually backstab me in the back… or tell me that the employer is going to suck… or hell… that your Little One is going to arrive into this world a whole month early”.

Instead, we are left to our own devices on how to proceed in this world.

Is there a moment that you wish you had a heads up on? Or at least an outlook what is to come?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning out the closet...

I am no means a clothes whore... I think any of my friends would stand up and confirm this for you. In fact, I just finally tossed away a pair of brown dress shoes that I wore all the freakin time for they finally died on me. (In fact, they died some time ago but I had refused to accept it and continue to wear them despite the weird noise they made when I walked.)

Reason? I hate shopping. I do! Part of it is that I never have the extra cash... but honestly? That is just a small part. Proof? I received gift certificates to clothing stores for my birthday last year. I just got around to using two of them this past weekend... almost 6 months later.

I hate shopping because I never know what to buy, I hate having to jump into the hustle n' bustle at the malls, etc. It's quite sad really.

So in part of getting out of this funk, I decided to go through my meager clothing collection and get rid of the "dead weight". I removed my old maternity clothes (to go into storage), clothes that are too big (For some reason, I kept clothes from my previous sizes... can someone say crutch?), and clothes that I do not wear. period. What I had left? Not much! That's for sure!

I dug out some of my birthday gift certificates and convinced "Cinnamon" to go shopping with me. (Trust me... It didn't require any arm twisting. She is very much the shopper. Besides, she got to torture me earlier in the day with dress shopping). I found a couple of great items to put in my closet! Not to mention, a replacement pair of shoes.

I will finally build up my warddrobe again from this "massacre"... even it is just one piece at a time.

Is this a sign that I am getting old?

This past Saturday, I spent the day with some of the lovely ladies that I am lucky to be friends with.

The first part of the day, I was shopping for matron of honor dress with “Cinnamon” for her upcoming nuptials this fall. We headed into one of the local bridal boutiques that proved to have a helpful and courteous staff in the past. Now, like some of the other shops, this boutique also caters to prom shoppers for the local high schools.

Now, there is nothing like being reminded that I haven’t been to a prom in *coughs* 18 years *coughs* by watching skinny beautiful teenage girls shopping for prom dresses. I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to take stock in ones’ life. (Yes, that was said/typed in a sarcastic manner.)

I seriously think that I might have sprouted a gray hair or two when I look at some of the dresses that are “in” for this prom season!! Now, some of them can be considered to be more of a princess theme. Although, I didn’t care for them… I could completely see why a girl would want to wear them to a prom. However, I could not… correction … can not see… who or why would some girl would want to wear a dress to her prom that looks like a nightie!! Let alone some parent that would let their offspring wear it.

I kid you not… see exhibit #1:
And exhibit #2:

(Sorry for the poor photography… I was taking it with my camera phone.)

I honestly thought that I walked into the wrong section of the store! There was also a tank top, skin tight, mini purple dress that had a zipper down the front of the dress from top to bottom. I just couldn’t bring myself to take its picture. I guess I do have my limits.

I can imagine what will be going through their young date’s mind come the big day for I’m pretty sure those same thoughts were going through my head and I don’t even “play on that team”!

Needless to say, my daughter will have a heck of a fight on her hands when it comes time for her to go shopping for a prom dress. These types of dresses are already off the list!!

Am I alone here? Or am I finally getting “old”?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Peanut Butter... How I've missed you!

Yes, I am still trying to lose these remaining few pounds. In fact, I would have hit my goal and then some if I would just lose the weight rather than gain it, lose it, gain it, and lose it once again. If being skinny was easy, we would all be skinny and bitch about something else, right?

Anyways, like most people that are trying to lose weight, I've basically cut certain trigger foods out of my life. It is just simpler that way... out of sight -> out of mind!

My wonderful MIL came for a brief visit this past weekend on her way to a conference. She will be coming back to the house for a longer visit tonight in fact. However, that is beside the point. The reason I am telling you this is that she brought some goodies with her... and one of these wonderful goodies is Better n' Butter. OH MY GOD!! Talk about yummy! And!!! It is good for you!

(For those on Weight Watchers, you can use 2 Tbsps for 2 points.)

I toasted up a Bagel Thins and slather on the Better n' Butter.... voila! I'm in gooey peanut butter heaven!

I didn't realize how much I have missed peanut butter! Now, I've been trying not to eat up my MIL's stash. Lucky for her, I ran out of Bagel Thins this morning... because lord knows I'm not sure if my will power would be enough to hold me back!

No, I haven’t quite forgotten…

I know it has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything to this blog. You really are not missing too much… it would have been posts complaining about the lack of money, the cold weather, and the lack of money. Aren’t you glad that I refrained from posting about such things? I thought so. You can thank me later if you want. I wouldn’t mind.

So why now? I guess you can blame it on the warmer weather… or perhaps that it is almost that time of month (tmi? Sorry!) Who knows! Who cares!

I am basically trying to break myself out of this funk. I’m tired of the same ol’ shit. So, to keep me on track (or focus) I decided to dust off the blog once again so that I have some public accountability to keep me in line.

So feel free to express yourself in the comments! I would love to hear from you…. Even if it is just The Hubby who reads this for he feels pity for his wife and her lifeless blog. :)