Monday, April 19, 2010

Is this a sign that I am getting old?

This past Saturday, I spent the day with some of the lovely ladies that I am lucky to be friends with.

The first part of the day, I was shopping for matron of honor dress with “Cinnamon” for her upcoming nuptials this fall. We headed into one of the local bridal boutiques that proved to have a helpful and courteous staff in the past. Now, like some of the other shops, this boutique also caters to prom shoppers for the local high schools.

Now, there is nothing like being reminded that I haven’t been to a prom in *coughs* 18 years *coughs* by watching skinny beautiful teenage girls shopping for prom dresses. I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to take stock in ones’ life. (Yes, that was said/typed in a sarcastic manner.)

I seriously think that I might have sprouted a gray hair or two when I look at some of the dresses that are “in” for this prom season!! Now, some of them can be considered to be more of a princess theme. Although, I didn’t care for them… I could completely see why a girl would want to wear them to a prom. However, I could not… correction … can not see… who or why would some girl would want to wear a dress to her prom that looks like a nightie!! Let alone some parent that would let their offspring wear it.

I kid you not… see exhibit #1:
And exhibit #2:

(Sorry for the poor photography… I was taking it with my camera phone.)

I honestly thought that I walked into the wrong section of the store! There was also a tank top, skin tight, mini purple dress that had a zipper down the front of the dress from top to bottom. I just couldn’t bring myself to take its picture. I guess I do have my limits.

I can imagine what will be going through their young date’s mind come the big day for I’m pretty sure those same thoughts were going through my head and I don’t even “play on that team”!

Needless to say, my daughter will have a heck of a fight on her hands when it comes time for her to go shopping for a prom dress. These types of dresses are already off the list!!

Am I alone here? Or am I finally getting “old”?


Anonymous said...

I must be getting old too because I find it ridiculous that these are even considered acceptable. I wouldn't wear these to a Drag Show at Waterworks for fear of someone getting the wrong idea.

I could find a use for that red number ;)

I'm sorry you didn't see the purple green sparkle vomit dress. When I go back if it's still there I'll take a picture of it!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we're getting old, it's just that kids these days (did I just say that???) have no discipline and are not taught self worth so they think they NEED to dress like tramps to be popular and accepted. I'm in my 30's and if I tried to wear some of the things girls wear in public these days my Father would STILL grab me by the pony tail and tell me to go to my room and put on some clothes!! The difference is, when we were that age our parents wouldn't buy us inappropriate clothes. Now the parents just don't care. They buy the kids whatever they want to get them to shut up! So sad - the future of America! Yay for you being a parent who's going to set boundaries for your daughter!!