Monday, April 26, 2010

A bit sore…

Finally, we were given a day of beautiful weather where I was not hindered by other plans. I was able to tackle the initial spring yard clean-up. The result?

  • I’m sore!!!!
  • Came to the realization that I need to do yard work with a tube top and shorts so that I don’t end up with an embarrassing tan lines for the upcoming fall wedding that I am participating in.
  • Oh… and the yard looks decent. Although, I think our yard would still be considered the “black sheep” of the neighborhood.
  • I’ve also determined that the people on our street have entirely too much time on their hands to have such perfect lawns.

On Saturday, if you were following me, you would have seen me outside raking the dead grass, mowing the live grass, and spreading lawn fertilizer on our postage stamp of a yard.

There is still so much work to be done. There is some serious landscaping on our “postage stamp” from previous home owners. Unfortunately, they did not stay on top of the upkeep of this landscaping. (Probably because they knew they would be selling the house and it’s a hassle.) The Hubby and I also have failed in doing such during the few years that we have had the house.

First priority for me is to create an area in the backyard that our Little One can play. Thanks to a really good friend, a couple of huge bushes were removed before winter set in. Now that it is spring, we need to finish cleaning up that particular area (as well as the rest of the land).

Now, we have even more incentive to get this task completed for the grandparents would like to buy the Little One a swing set. This area is the only place that can handle such a thing. Now, you will get to witness our journey in restoring a beautiful yard. (Okay, beautiful may be pushing it… how about a “not so ragged” looking yard? Yeah, that works.)

With the huge bushes gone, there are some few major steps that we need to do:
  • Get rid of a huge boulder. We are not exactly sure how to do this. We are hoping that a local landscaper may want it and would be willing to extract it from our yard in exchange of having such a piece of landscaping gold in their possession.
  • Get rid of the damaged wooden borders and old bark pieces.
  • Once all of that is done, we need to level the area by filling in dips or flattening bumps.
Has anyone done this before? Are we missing something? Any suggestions on how to get rid of a 70 x 60 x 30 in boulder?

Comments/Suggestions welcomed!


Dozenroses13 said...

I HATE yard work! I leave it to Michael. Your boulder sounds cool, but I'd have no idea how to get rid of it!!

Anonymous said...

You've got your hands full that's for sure! Place an ad on craigslist or call a landscaping company and see what they say. :)

Or let me at it with a sledge hammer.

You might call a landscape training program and see if they have any ideas or will send students to do it at low cost.