Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning out the closet...

I am no means a clothes whore... I think any of my friends would stand up and confirm this for you. In fact, I just finally tossed away a pair of brown dress shoes that I wore all the freakin time for they finally died on me. (In fact, they died some time ago but I had refused to accept it and continue to wear them despite the weird noise they made when I walked.)

Reason? I hate shopping. I do! Part of it is that I never have the extra cash... but honestly? That is just a small part. Proof? I received gift certificates to clothing stores for my birthday last year. I just got around to using two of them this past weekend... almost 6 months later.

I hate shopping because I never know what to buy, I hate having to jump into the hustle n' bustle at the malls, etc. It's quite sad really.

So in part of getting out of this funk, I decided to go through my meager clothing collection and get rid of the "dead weight". I removed my old maternity clothes (to go into storage), clothes that are too big (For some reason, I kept clothes from my previous sizes... can someone say crutch?), and clothes that I do not wear. period. What I had left? Not much! That's for sure!

I dug out some of my birthday gift certificates and convinced "Cinnamon" to go shopping with me. (Trust me... It didn't require any arm twisting. She is very much the shopper. Besides, she got to torture me earlier in the day with dress shopping). I found a couple of great items to put in my closet! Not to mention, a replacement pair of shoes.

I will finally build up my warddrobe again from this "massacre"... even it is just one piece at a time.


Anonymous said...

I don't love shopping believe it or not. Ok, I like shoe shopping and Target. BUT I hate trying stuff on.

I'm so glad you found some pieces you like. Keep plugging away! I have a couple pairs of pants for you to try too.

Anonymous said...

I'm also not a huge clothes shopper for the same reason as Cute~Ella. I hate to try things on. On occasion I'll do it though. I've learned to have a couple stores where you know things generally fit and mainly shop there. My go-to store is NY & Co.