Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm a mother so isn't it my right to brag a bit about my child?

Often I find myself just simply amazed in watching my daughter and what she has learned over the last two years. I know that this is good ol' fashion mother-cheeziness. So, for the most part, I try to keep such thoughts or realizations to myself. I mean, who wants to hear about how one's kid can count to ten... or how she loves to sings with an inflatable microphone. There is only so much cuteness a person can take... especially when you are listening to stories about someone else's kid. I completely understand that!

However, I can't help but brag on how great my daughter did as being a flower girl in "Cinnamon"'s wedding! She walked slowly down the aisle with a big smile on her face as she dropped the petals on the ground. It was wonderful! The Hubby has a theory that the Little One knew how to do it all along and was only pretending during the practice runs to get the attention / treats. Who knows he's probably right!

Here is a picture during her big flower girl debut:

She absolutely loved getting dressed up, having her hair fixed, and having "make-up" put on. (The makeup artist used a clean brush on the Little One's face to make her feel part of the group.) I think I am in trouble for I am not exactly a "girly-girl". I'm not sure how I am going to parent a daughter who is into all this stuff on a daily basis!

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Anonymous said...

She's adorable and since I brag about her all the time when she does something cute or smarty pants you should feel free to do so AND MORE!!!

Love you guys.