Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you feel safe at home?

This past Friday, I had my yearly female check-up. Like most women, I dreaded going to this appointment. Alas, it is something that we all must/should go through at least once a year to make sure that we are healthy.

The appointment started off like the usual. Weight Check (I was a bit annoyed with this for the nurse did it so fast so it wasn’t accurate. I guess I am just extra sensitive since I am trying to lose this extra weight.), Blood pressure (A bit low but no need to be concerned), and the general medical inquiries.

I was caught a bit of off guard when the nurse asked me “Do you feel safe at home?”. I answered the question with a truthful yes. The nurse finished the initial check-up steps. The doctor came in and asked a similar question during his routine questions and proceeded with the physical. As the appointment concluded, I couldn’t shake the fact that they asked that question.

I wasn’t offended by it. That’s not the case at all. I found it a bit scary / depressing. To think it may be the only time or chance that an abused wife may had to get the help that she so desperately needs. I wonder if they (doctors in general) had asked my mom that same question 30 years ago would my life be different now.

Luckily for me, my mom did build up the courage to remove her and us kids from that abusive environment. She also had the courage not to return to my father despite the struggle of living alone. Even when the courts awarded custody to my father, she was always there for us. I never did get a chance to ask her what finally gave her the courage to do so. I’m just glad that she did. I am also glad that my dad wised up and realized what he was losing in all of this and kept his anger in check for the many years afterwards.

So, ask yourself “do you feel safe at home?” If you don’t, please… please… seek help. To the rest of you, do not get annoyed when you are asked randomly by the nurse or doctor that question. It could perhaps save a life one day.

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