Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Superstitions such as…

Don’t let a black cat cross in front of you
Don’t walk under a ladder
Break a mirror and you are plagued with 7 years of bad luck

The Hubby once said that baseball players are some of the most superstitious athletes out there. I do not doubt this fact. With just a quick Google search, I found several superstitions that ball players follow such as do not step on the foul line when entering the field in fear that it will hurt their game that evening.

Do you have any?

Personally, I didn’t think I had any. However, I sit here at my work desk… trying to think of anything other than the work that is piled on my desk… I discover that I do have some performance superstitions like baseball players. I do certain things during the day of my WW weigh-in in hopes of not jinxing the scale.

• I make sure that I drink my first 16 oz of water before noon. That way, I can make sure that I am finished with my second 16 oz by 3 pm at the latest.
• Apparently, I often wear the same work outfit to get weighed in. (Don’t worry... it’s always (or mostly) clean.) It just seems that I grab that particular outfit in the rotation. (This is also a good sign that I need more clothes.)
• I do my best to make sure that soup is the major part of my lunch for that day.

Crazy, huh? Perhaps…

Will I change now that I realize my behaviors? Maybe … I guess that depends if it is working. :)

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