Friday, November 6, 2009

Wagon? What Wagon?

Yup... that's me. Dusting the dirt off my butt. I fell off the WL wagon about 2 weeks ago... and I fell hard. I've been eating up a storm (and to be completely honest... I've been drinking too.)

I'm not sure what happened. It seemed that my little devil took over my body and meal decisions. I ate everything and it didn't matter how many points were involved... candy, cupcakes, cake, italian food, mexican food, etc. Not to mention, the wine that was consumed during the annual wine tasting trip.

About mid-point of this eating "streak" was also my birthday... So bring on the birthday cake! Oh! And the delicious (but way more food than 5 1/2 people can eat) buffet that my husband cooked for my mini-party!

Needless to say, my weigh in for Weight Watchers this past Wednesday was not pretty. Heck! It was the "dog licking his own butt" kind of not pretty. Again, with the honesty, I must admit that a small (very small) part of me was rather impressed on how much weight I was able to gain in 2 weeks. It is completely not fair how easy it is to put on the weight than to take it off. It should be at least a 1:1 ratio. Just sayin'!

I think I was kind of trying to bury myself by eating... rather than deal with the fact that I was turning 35. It didn't help matters that I had to get bloodwork as well as a mammogram examination the day prior to my birthday.

I guess I am a little bit frustrated for the Hubby and I haven't quite got our family back to the way it was prior to his job loss. Plus, 35 is the age that women have the higher potential of experiencing medical problems... especially during pregnancy/child birth.

Alas, I survived my birthday. I am officially 35 years old. I gave myself a good swift kick in the ass and hopped back on the wagon. Life moves on and so shall I.

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Anonymous said...

Tis a new week already and a newer week in a few days. Each day is a chance to start again. You'll do it. Hang in there! XOXO