Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random thoughts

It seemed to help out a little in writing yesterday’s posting. I figure I will give it another try today.

Moving on up – We received a notice yesterday that the Little One will be “graduating” from the Toddler 3 room to the Toddler 4 room. At first, I was happy to hear the news for she is moving up to kids her own age. She was always a step behind because of being a little behind in physical development with being a preemie and all. It is a good sign for it shows that she is catching up. Now, I see the news as bittersweet… it means that my baby is growing up. Gosh, how emotional can I be!?! This doesn’t bode well on how I am going to react to her moving into High School or graduating from High School.

Calling all newspapers! – As you may have read in my previous postings, our backyard is need of a major overhaul fixin’. I need to do this with a non-existent budget. I’ve read online that newspapers are great landscaping barrier against weeds. It is inexpensive! (Bonus!) Biodegradable! (Double Bonus!) So I sent the call (er… more like email and twitter) for old newspapers from friends & colleagues. Let the fun begin! I need to get this backyard into shape before an upcoming bridal shower that is being held at the house. Besides, the weeds are starting to look formidable. They might gain up and try to devour me!

Blue – The color Blue and its various shades have always appealed to me. I find it very calming. (Not to mention, blue clothing really brings out my blue eyes when I wear them.) We opened our pool this year. I figure that it was worth the little cash to open it up for it will serve as entertainment as well as the ability to cool our butts down on those warm summer days. We do not have the air conditioner set up in our house. Since it has been two years since we have had the pool open, it wasn’t an easy opening. Unexpected problems popped up and have been taken care of. At some points, I really regret in deciding to open the pool up. Last night, coming home after a long day, I looked outside and found the pool is finally running properly. It is such a pretty shade of blue. I actually found myself exhaling a breath that I didn’t even realize I was holding.

Gas Usage - I've had the luck of getting the car during the day yesterday and today. Normally, The Hubby gets the car during the day because of when we have to start work at our respective jobs. The Hubby says that it was to help save gas. After he made a comment on how I'm not too aggressive when driving on this particular stretch of our daily commute, it got me thinking. I think the fact that we save gas is because I am not as aggressive behind the wheel as he is. I can't imagine that the route is that much shorter by starting with dropping him off rather than me. Could be wrong though!

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