Friday, June 15, 2012

On my own

I must confess there have been times since the Little One entered into the world where I daydream about the freedom of the old days. The days when …
  • You could eat dinner in front of the TV without worrying if you are damaging your daughter’s psyche. 
  • You can sleep past 8 am on a weekend morning.
  • You only had to worry about entertaining / educating yourself on the weekends.
The daydreams are fleeting and nothing serious… just little fantasies such as having enough money to pay bills and go a trip around the world with a new wardrobe.

Guess what? Due to circumstances, I couldn’t accompany Hubby and the Little One to the south for a family reunion. This is the first trip of this length that separates me from my immediate family. Here I find myself home alone. There is nothing that I need to do other than take care of my stuff and some small household needs.
My feelings are complex about this whole experience. I miss them and wish I was with them. I’m glad that they are adventuring out so that the Little One can get to know that side of the family. This is a great bonding opportunity between Hubby and our daughter. I am reveling in the fact that I can have several nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Yet, I feel like I am at a loss. What is there to do? I think I can understand the whole “empty nest” syndrome that I’ve heard about. I’m about to state the obvious: Having children affects and changes your life so dramatically. My relationship with my friends and my general social calendar has changed dramatically as well. My social calendar has for the most part become the same as my daughter’s. It’s quite amazing for you don’t realize it is happening until you are given a moment to look at it (like I am now).
So, you may be wondering what I am going to do during this brief period of “freedom” of mine. To tell you the truth, I am not sure. There is some stuff that I do want to do around the house. I have a pile of books just waiting to whisk me away. I do plan on getting together with some friends.

We shall see.

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