Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holding grudges…

I do not consider myself the type of person that holds grudges. Generally, I, for the most part, forgive and move on. From witnessing friends and family, I generally do not think grudges are worth the time and energy that people tend to give them.

Granted, if someone has hurt me greatly, I may forgive them but I am a bit more cautious with that individual. I don’t sit and dwell on how that person done me wrong, etc.

That is… until this week… when discovered that I am a person that holds grudges… I just didn’t realize it.

Facebook is an amazing social tool. I love the fact that I can keep touch with family and friends or re-connect with long lost friends. I am not one of those Facebook users that just simply add people so I can boast that I have “X” amount of friends … “Y” more than you. I can go through everyone on my friend list and tell you who they are.

Recently, I received a friend request from a person that I didn’t recognize the name. The person did not have a photo put up as their avatar. Normally, I would just be quick to click “no thanks” but I realize that both my sister and my brother had this person as a friend. This made me wonder who it was. Other than family, there are very few people that cross over in each of our lives. So, I visited the profile to see if I can determine who it was before answering the request. The person’s public profile was of no help. So, I sent a message to my siblings to find out who this person was.

It turns out that the person is an ex-girlfriend of our father. He was dating her about 15 or so years ago. I couldn’t believe that she sent me a friend request … more so; I couldn’t believe that this is someone that my siblings said yes to being friends on Facebook. This is the person who was one of the main reasons why I moved out of my father’s house way back when. This is the person that made our lives miserable. I couldn’t click “no thanks” fast enough. I do not need to have this drama filled person have a window back in my life. Hell no.

So, apparently, I do hold grudges.

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