Thursday, September 1, 2011

Please call me crazy

No, seriously! A friend of mine just recently gave me a generous thank you gift. Too generous in my opinion but she threatened my life if I didn’t take it. Seeing how she is 9 months pregnant … I think she might have gone through with it. Just saying…

Anyways, this gift came with kind of a stipulation to be used on something for me. So, I am trying to keep that in mind. Even though, I’ve already thought about using to buy something for my daughter, for the house, etc. Okay, this is not the part that you should call me crazy. That’s coming up.

I need clothes. Hmm… let me rephrase that. I NEED CLOTHES!!! Especially work appropriate clothes.

Here is the part that you can call me crazy. I have clothes… I just can’t fit in them. They are a size too small. I would go from having 3 pairs of dress pants to like having 8 pairs of dress pants that fit me if I lose one pant size. Yet, I haven’t been keeping an eye on my weight or try to get it back down (until now). We are still dealing with The Hubby and his previous job situation so we do not have extra cash. So, I refuse to spend money on clothes for I know that I’ve a closet full of clothes that is just one size down. (Okay, closet full of clothes is a bit of an exaggeration. After living on such a small sampling of clothes for a while now, it seems like that much.)

Need clothes … refuse to buy new clothes… need to lose weight to access already purchased clothes… stuffing my face with all sorts of yummies... Therefore preventing me even more from wearing said clothes.

See? Crazy?

Alas, if you read yesterday’s post, I am getting things back together. I WILL wear those clothes again… and soon. As for the gift, I’m not sure yet…. Perhaps a new hair style … new shoes… who knows!

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Anonymous said...

What about using the gift to get yourself something fitness-related that you'd also find more fun, like a dance class or a personal trainer?

Disclosure of bias: Dance is what I find fun.