Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little blurbs...

I ended last week with several small wardrobe malfunctions. I finally had to declare “Time of Death” to these comfortable black dress shoes. I simply wore them out. It was rather odd since these shoes were the newest addition to my small collection. I also had to continuous deal with a hem that was coming out. Again, I find this odd too since these pants were professionally altered about a month ago. I was quite the fashion plate with paper clips holding the hem in place and scotch tape trying to hold the worn sole to the rest of the shoe. I guess clothes and shoes are not made the same way anymore. Now, the question is: do I repair the hem myself by hand with actual thread /needle? Or do I go back to the place where the alterations were made and demand that they redo it? As for the shoes, I still have a balance left on a gift card. I am hoping that I will be able to get a replacement pair of shoes with that.


I can get used to this Mother’s Day business. This year is my 2nd Mother’s Day holiday participation as a mom. I got to sleep in while The Hubby got up to take care of the Little One. I woke up around 10 am to the delicious smell of pancakes coming from the tray The Hubby was holding near the bed (and the sound of my daughter crawling on the floor). We had a bit of errands that we had to do since we spent Saturday at a friend’s BBQ and the Tulip Festival. I didn’t mind though. We did stop by a nearby park so that the Little One can get her first taste of a swing. She seemed to really enjoy it! The weather was a bit chilly thanks to the intense wind so this was a very short park trip. Well worth it though! I can’t wait until we can take her to the park on a more regular basis.


I have tomorrow off from work. Mental Health Day! The Hubby and I are planning to take advantage of our daughter being in daycare to catch up on some movie(s) (if we can find it in the budget to do so). We are both “foaming at the mouth” to see the new Star Trek movie that just hit the theatres this past weekend. Downside? Don’t get to sleep in since someone has to take the Little One to said daycare. The Hubby is going to spend the morning working on job hunting so that the day is not lost. Oh well! Small sacrifice if we can pull it off!

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