Monday, May 18, 2009


At a previous trip, I had narrowed down choices to two different bridesmaid dresses. However, I couldn’t determine which one that I wanted to wear. Since I had some time, I decided to wait before making the final decision. This past weekend, I dragged Cinnamon with me to the bridal store to help me pick out a bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding. I tried on the two dresses that I had picked from the last visit as well as a couple of dresses that Cinnamon wanted to see me in. I ended up picking a dress that was not even in the running last time. In fact, it wasn’t even in the stores. *chuckles* It’s a sleeveless dress no less! Who would have thought it? And the best part about the whole trip?? I WAS TRYING ON DRESS SIZES THAT WERE ONE STEP LOWER THAN THE LAST VISIT. WOOT! *does a little happy dance*

Ever the optimist, I scheduled my first fitting for the end of July in hopes that they will need to make further adjustments to the dress. Now, I just need to work on a tan. Don’t want to blind the wedding attendees when the sun hits my skin during the outdoor wedding. :)


Anonymous said...

Good job! And there's some really awesome spray tans out there to try...or there's naked yard work, whichever!

Kel said...

Ooo! The self tanner from Lindsay Lohan.. Sevin Nyne.. might do the trick!