Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Letter to a sales rep…

Yes, I understand that your lively hood is based on the business that you bring in for your company. I do not fault you for that. I’ve been there and understand the process completely.

Out of curiosity, I contacted you yesterday to ask for pricing on a custom company promo item. Yes, I’ve already contacted our usual vendor. However, I like to make sure that we get the best deal for our money. You promptly set up a meeting to meet with me this morning. Although I was not too happy about having a face-to-face meeting about this, it would give me an opportunity to see who I may be working with. So, I agreed to the meeting.

What a waste of my time. I find it highly unprofessional for you to make an appointment with me and not show up with the information that I’ve requested. It is a waste of my time as a consumer / potential client. You also use our precious time to make a sales pitch for a completely unrelated item for your wife’s business. It is obviously that you did not have a clear idea … heck! Even a basic idea what our needs are.

Then, you turn around and say that you might get the information to me by the end of the day… but most likely by Monday. Pointless!

Thank you for nothing.

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