Monday, August 16, 2010

My thoughts exactly…

Generally, we all find Monday’s a bit difficult to start off. No one really wants the weekend to end even though we like receiving the paychecks. Alas, when that alarm goes off, we find ourselves struggling to pull ourselves together.

This Monday was no different around my household. The Hubby and I both played a good bout of the snooze dance with our respective alarm clocks. Although, my alarm clock almost won this dance off since I apparently didn’t hear my alarm going off for the first 20 minutes…. Therefore, it threw off my snooze to wake calcuations off this morning.

I grudgingly got up and try to do something decent with my hair for work … the hair that desperately needs a haircut. Solution? I pulled it back into a hair clip. There…done …

Apparently, the “case of the Mondays” was contagious for my 2 year old too. I walked into the Little One’s room to start waking her up. Before I even turned on the light, she started crying / whining “no, I want to sleep”. I told her to go ahead and lay there while I pull out her clothes and clean her glasses. (It’s amazing how dirty her glasses get after one day. I clean the lenses every morning. That is beside the point). So she stayed in bed… and continued to whine. I eventually picked her up and gave her a hug. I carried her to the living room so that she can watch her morning cartoons and drink some milk. She was not too happy with that. She jumps off the couch and runs back into her room and goes to bed.

I simply couldn’t fight her on this… because frankly, I wanted to do the same damn thing that she just did. Although annoying and making me even more late, I thought it was rather cute. So, I left her in her room for a few minutes while I start getting dress. About mid way, I went into her room… she was still whining in bed. I push her pillow up to the head of the bed so she can sit up and have her milk there. Apparently a sippy of milk to her is equivalent of a cup of coffee for an adult. *smirks* I finished getting dress and the Little One hops out of bed with the normal enthusiam and happy go lucky self.

We all made it to our destinations this morning in one piece…. Even if it was a very sleepy… don’t want the weekend to end… piece.

How did your Monday start off?


Anonymous said...

Roughly the same although honestly, since I was out of new things I wanted to watch on Hulu, the office won out. BUT I did look first haha.

amazonv said...

glasses do get dirty fast