Friday, April 17, 2009

The calm before the storm...

It is a weird feeling that I’ve been experiencing. It is like I am waiting for the impending doom to hit my life… my family. I do not like it in the least.

The Hubby and I have taken (or in the process of taking) steps to put our survival plan into place while he waits to hear from potential employers. Now, we wait for the pieces to fall into place as his last day approaches. I consider myself a rather patient person… but this wait is awful.

Will our plan work? Will The Hubby find a job that he likes but also pays the bills? Shall I pick up a second job just in case? I know that he will find a job. However, can we survive on our plan until he does? All these questions/thoughts are running through my mind. I can just imagine the thoughts that are running through his mind. I guess I am thankful that the Little One is too small to comprehend what is happening around her.

There is one positive thing in all of this… our friends and family. It’s amazing how supportive they have been to us since hearing this news. It is a wonderful feeling to know that we have surrounded ourselves with these kind, understanding and generous people. How can the Little One not grow up to be a wonderful woman with this kind of support structure?

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