Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing like getting your bush trimmed…

Okay… now get your mind out of the gutter, reader(s)!

This past weekend was a good weekend around the household. The weather was very warm and sunny. It allowed us to have our first BBQ of the season. Some good friends even came over and helped me tackle the backyard work. It’s amazing how much work a postage sized yard can create! Finally, my irises (sp?) can thrive and enjoy the sunlight without having to weave their stalks around old dead leaves and other debris.

I even managed to be outside for the majority of Saturday and walk away without getting sunburn! That’s almost unheard of for my fair (a.k.a pasty white) skin! Kudos to Coppertone sunblock!

This was a pretty big weekend for the Little One too. She got to enjoy the BBQ as well as had her first taste of delicious soft served ice cream and a ride on the Merry-Go-Round on Saturday. Unfortunately, she does have a small scrap on her little nose from an incident involving a TV dinner stand. However, she is quite the trooper and didn’t let that little run-in ruin the rest of her weekend.

We did have one casualty this weekend. “Cinnamon” tackled a bush in the backyard with a pair of trimmers. Needless to say, the bush didn’t stand a chance… and now doesn’t stand at all. I made a note to myself to direct Cinnamon clipper happy self to better targets. Our backyard is in a major need of a makeover. I’m sure that I can harness this particular persona of our dear friend to our advantage in the future!

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