Thursday, April 30, 2009

Four-eye flashbacks

Yesterday, The Hubby and I found out that our Little One needs glasses. Not only does she has my hair and eye color, but appears that she also has my bad vision. I found this news to be very heartbreaking. The one wish that I had for our child was for him/her to have the father’s eyesight. I didn’t care about hair, skin color, eye color, sex etc… but I didn’t want him/her to have my eyesight. *sighs*

As we were going through the different frame options (which were very limited since she is only 13 months old), the memories of being called “Four-eyes” and “Coke Bottles” came flooding back. I hated my glasses… the endless teasing from my so-called peers. I hated the fact that I wasn’t allowed to play contact sports whether in gym class or on a school team. My eyes water with just thought of our Little One having to experience any or all of this. The day that I turned 16 and my parents allowed me to get contacts was like the second coming of Christ to my life.

The Hubby tried to cheer me up to say that she will get picked on anyways and that kids are cruel. I know this but only in my mind…not in my heart. I can almost imagine the future comforting conversations with her about kids teasing her about her glasses.

Since she has to have glasses (no choice), I was hoping to get the best looking pair for her. As I mentioned above, there is a very limited selection… (not to mention, the very limited store of funds that we are currently experiencing). The one place offered regular frames that we could just picture her tearing off her face and breaking them. Heck, she almost did it to the sample pair. The second place offered plastic frames that are made for babies & kids. We opted to go to the second place. They were a bit more expensive but we believe that it will save us $ in the long run because replacement glasses won’t be needed so frequently. They are not the prettiest of frames though. I really had a hard time accepting them. I mean, I could just get the color black and the Little One will look like imposter Harry Potter. (To see the frames:

In about a week, the Little One will have a brand new pair of Clear Pink Pearl glasses. May the years of torture and taunting begin! Sorry Little One.

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amazonv said...

I have worn glasses and eye patches since my first eye surgery at 6 mo-i had bubblegum pink. I never got made fun of, I am sorry you did. Much love and I hope she gets good classmates -nicky