Friday, November 5, 2010


Snooze button – Friend or Foe?

If you are anything like me, you purposely set your alarm earlier than you need to so you can hit the snooze button. At first, it seemed like decadence to have that extra nine minutes of “sleep”. Now, nine becomes eighteen becomes twenty-seven minutes… next thing you know, I am jumping out of bed… quickly fixing my hair in hopes that it is not too obvious that I didn’t hit the shower that morning… in order to get to work on time. It is no longer decadence but a hindrance to a smooth running work day morning. The use of the snooze button is a slippery slope. This is one slope that I hope to avoid. Starting Monday, I am going to set my alarm to the time that I actually need to get up. No snooze button for me! Can you do the same?

Blast from the fat past

Our 15th anniversary from our alma mater is coming. It’s hard to believe that The Hubby and I graduated from college 15 years ago. So many things have changed during that time… and to be honest, so many things stayed the same. Obviously, our alma mater is starting to target our graduating class in efforts to attend the alumni reunion next summer (and also get donations too). Yesterday, we received a mailer to have us go to a “personalized” website about this reunion. Attending the reunion was already in consideration so I took a closer look at the mailer. (Normally, I would just throw it away). On the address side of the mailer, there are two small pictures at the bottom. I am in one of those pictures…. back when I had all my weight. Needless to say, I was somewhat mortified. To have that picture mailed out to everyone in our graduating class? Yikes! The Hubby suggested maybe that the picture was just picked to make the mailer more personal to us. However, I am thinking that is not the case… the other picture? Nothing to do with us.

Another year older

My birthday was this past Sunday. It was pretty low key birthday celebration, which I didn’t mind at all. After all, it was the Little One’s first trick n’ treating experience! For a while now, I kind of had been pretty lax on my weight loss goal. It really was too the point that I was feeling a bit of a glutton. I also have been playing Facebook games in lieu of getting stuff done around the house or spend time on hobbies. Basically, overall, I feel like I’ve been pretty lazy. With the new “year” starting, I decided to get myself back on track.

No plans and loving it

This fall, our social calendar has been quite busy. Although, we had a lot of fun and filled with great memories. I think we are ready to spend some quiet time at home. This weekend marks the first weekend since August where we have nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) planned. We will be hanging out at home… wearing our pajamas… and catching up on TV shows. I have some minor choirs that I would like to get done but nothing too serious. In fact, we have nothing planned until Thanksgiving! Relaxing weekends, here we come! (Trust me, I’m sure I will be complaining about being bored or stuck at home by the time January comes around.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm a snooze button girl much to Frank's dismay. 4 or 5 times here.

And as one who was there for the candyhandingoutting I can say that some of those kids were assholes. That's all.