Friday, November 5, 2010

Trick or Treat ...

This topic started out as part of "snippets" post... However, I found myself writing (aka bitching) more than just a mere paragraph so I decided it warrants its own post.

Are there polite kids anymore?

This year marked our first time taking the Little One out for trick n’ treating. She was a bit shy at first but ended up loving it. In fact, she still points out the different houses that still have their Halloween decorations up. I was a bit nervous on whether she was going to enjoy it or not.

At the first house… a child purposely runs up across a neighbor’s yard to get to the door in front of the Little One and I. Seriously? I highly doubt a 2 year old is going to take all the candy from this house. His parents stayed by the road and did not comment at all about how he barge in front of the little girl. Luckily, it didn’t throw Little One off too much. Thankfully, we didn’t have many more run-ins with that kid at the future houses.

After a while, we returned home to warm up and have pizza for dinner. Little One decided that she wanted to help pass out the candy now that she understood why these little costumed kids were ringing our doorbell. It wasn't too bad at first... then it turned for the worse. There came a point that I had to take away candy from a couple of kids. This is what happened: There was a group of four kids. The two teenage kids approached the door first. Little One and I put candy in their pillowcases with no problems. (Personally, I was just happy that the teenagers dressed up in costume). The other two kids from the group came up. I would say that they were basically 7 or 8 year olds. I held the bowl of candy low so that the Little One can put candy into the kids’ bags when the kids immediately pushed their way into the door way, pushing the Little One back, and starting grabbing handfuls of candy. I quickly started pushing back so that the Little One wouldn’t fall to the floor. At the same time, I took the candy out of their hands and said “That’s enough!” Seriously? The kids were old enough to have basic manners. Where were the adults? That visit really soured me. By the end of the evening, I was really bummed about passing out the candy. In the past, I looked forward to passing out the candy for I like seeing the cute / scary costumes. After this year, I was seriously considered not passing out candy at all next year.

Now, I think I am going to be offering tricks as well as treats. The tricks will go to the kids with no costume or just plain rude.

(I hope that it doesn't take much to clean up the toliet paper or eggs off the house... )

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