Friday, January 28, 2011

Should I? Am I crazy?

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned before… I am not the most athletic person… nor do I relish in actual exercise.

I sincerely believe that runners are pulling a fast one on us when they rave about something called a “runner’s high”. Unless you are talking about the feeling of nausea and your legs revolting after the run... then we need to talk for we are definitely not on the same page.

I received an email today from CuteEllaIsBold asking me if I would like to join her and “D’Lovely” on the upcoming 5K run/walk. I am actually thinking of participating in this event (aka torture). Why? NOT A CLUE!!! Maybe it is finally a definitive sign that I am losing my mind.

Hmmm… definitely something to think about…

Anywho… my tummy is doing flips and somersaults about this. Is it something that I can do? I definitely need to incorporate more exercise in my life (seeing how it is at 0% right now) in order to reach my weight goal. The goal of attending this event and not make a complete ass of myself would give me the extra pressure/push me to keep to a regimen.

The run/walk is on April 9th. That gives me roughly 2 months to get my butt into gear. It is doable from what I’ve heard and read. I think I am going to check out the “Couch to 5K” training. After all, I do have a treadmill gathering dust down in the finished basement.

I’m not completely sold yet though… I also asked CuteEllaIsBold if there are going to be other unfit peeps joining our little group for this. After all, perhaps we can lean on each other with our red puffy faces as we limp walk across the finish line in last place.


Anonymous said...

I'm partial, but I say do it. I think if you follow the C25K program you'll be surprised with the results. Less limping than you might expect. :)

Kristie said...

Go for it! I loved my 5K last year. I didn't run the whole thing, but I still made a good show of it. Thinking about doing anyother this fall....iffff I can get my butt motivated.

Michele said...

I hate running and have always hated running. However, I have always enjoyed dancing, and even though running makes me feel like I am going to die, enough dancing makes me feel something I assume is analogous to the runner's high. Different body movements, different physical sensations-- similar exercise impact with respect to fitness. Running is not the only exercise!

Also, you have a Little One! I do not believe your current exercise level is at 0%-- so exercising may be easier than you think.

I was trying to start walking more when I was away on co-op, and I was using this as a rough guide:

... And then it snowed, but it was working to get more physical into my life for at least a short while.