Thursday, January 20, 2011


I miss it. It’s just that simple.

Because of finances and having a little one (especially finances), the opportunities are simply not there. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I recently found out about a work trip that is taking place without me.

Although I am slightly jealous of the people going on the work trip, it doesn’t make logical sense to take me. So, I am not slighted or offended. I just know that I have really don’t have a lot on the horizon for traveling.

Normally, I would be heading up on annual trip to my college alma mater next month. However, that doesn’t appear to be happening for me. The Hubby is still going though. It doesn’t make sense for both of having to stay home. Let’s face it… it’s more of a party weekend and he is more of the party type than I. I don’t think the folks at the college will appreciate me coming and not him. *shrugs* Sucks but its true. (Between you and I, I think there is a small part of The Hubby that likes traveling on this weekend on his own.)

There are a couple of weddings coming up later this year which will require a little bit of travel. They are both taking place in another part of our home state. I’m looking forward and honored to share their special day with them.

However, it is not exactly calming the travel itch that I am experiencing.

Not sure what to do … other than hope that things will lighten up on the financial front so that something can be planned for the future.

Is that hope going to be enough to quell things?


Anonymous said...

Hugs. I know the "itch" you're talking about all too well. If I can toss in my two cents about what helps me, what about a little day trip or something overnight yourself. Boston? NYC? Philly? Montreal? Let me know if you want to do something and I'm in...and have places to crash except for Montreal!

Anonymous said...

D: !

If you don't make it out next, we will miss you, but we understand that real life likes to throw monkey wrenches in our plans.

If you want to come, let us know if there's anything we (the actives) can do to help out. Give me a call.


Anonymous said...

That was supposed to say "next month", not "next". Sorry about that.