Monday, March 16, 2009

Best laid plans of ...

Normally, we let the Little One sleep to whenever she felt like waking up on the weekends. However, with the parade, I thought it worked out better with feedings/naps/etc. if we stick to her weekday daycare schedule. So I was up bright and early Saturday morning with the Little One. Besides of having to wake up to an alarm clock (which I absolutely hate doing on the weekends), we had a pretty good morning together. Everything seemed to click into place as the day progressed. The Hubby and I were able to take showers and get ready for the parade while she was down for a nap. A friend of ours joined up with us to go to the parade.

Everything perfect, right? Wouldn’t you know it? The Little One passed out within 20 minutes of the parade starting. Out cold despite the toy horns, bagpipes, sirens of the fire trucks, and general crowd noise.

Frankly, I was quite amazed at her ability to sleep through all of that noise. It turns out that she wasn't the only one. The family who was watching the parade next to us was also guarding their stroller as their 1 year old was sleeping.


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