Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Need of a makeover…

I’ve decided recently (but subconsciously knew all along) that I have not been happy with my looks. I am approaching on my mid-30s. You would think that after all this time; I would have found a good amount confidence in my looks and how to achieve them. Well, you thought wrong! *sighs*

I have already started tackling one step of this much needed makeover… my weight (see previous post). However, my closet lacks the artillery for this “new me” that I want to present to myself and to my world. That is one small step. It’s just a matter of raising the funds to exchange out the old/big pieces of clothing and replacing them. However, I would need to learn how to dress for my body shape. I don’t particularly have the “balls” to nominate myself for a program such as “What Not to Wear”… but that is something that I need desperately. The clothes step will need to wait until the funds and knowledge is there. (Personal stylist anyone?)

Another big contention for me is my hair. My hair is natural curly. Let’s face it… that doesn’t really lend itself to many choice styles. I’ve always hated my hair… always. I guess the grass is always greener, right? I must admit that it was kind of nice in the 80’s because the curls helped me with the big hair styles of the day. However, because of my hair hatred, I never really learned how to take care of it… or what styles will work for me. Before the Little One came along, I would often use a flat iron to straighten it. Alas, time is not a luxury that I have. I like my sleep time too much. Now, it appears that Little One is getting curly hair too. So, it has become important to me to find the love for my hair. I don’t want her to grow up learning from me that curly hair sucks. Alas, how do I change years of hair-loathing?

I really like my old hairdresser. I’ve been going to him for a couple of years now. However, I feel that he will not take me to this next level. I’ve been letting my hair grow out from the last appointment (Hell, I don’t even remember when my last appointment was!). I must admit that I feel a little guilty moving on to another hairdresser. Between the guilt feeling and general nervousness, I am just now making an appointment at a new place. (Hey! A relationship with a hairdresser is very important to a woman.) My date of fate? April 3rd. The day before family & friends come to town for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. Eeks!

Hopefully, this next step of my makeover will go well and help me gain the courage to continue on my “journey”.

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Anonymous said...

Two things:
1. I'm happy to nominate you if you would go on to a show like that. You let me know...
2. Good things happen on April 3. If not, it'll grow back.

Regardless, I'm very excited for you and happy to go shopping with you when you're ready!