Friday, March 6, 2009

My two cents... for what it's worth

These are just ongoing stories that I hear/read about in the entertainment world. Please feel free to skip this post.

Hef vs. Girls Next Door – I always kind of thought that it was a business relationship (for the most part) between the “girlfriends” and Hef. I mean, he has to keep up the playboy image after all… right? Now, hearing how the girls have all moved on to other men (all much closer to their age), It almost seem that it was closer to a father / daughter type relationship (perhaps a bit more kinky). It seems that all the girls have sought (and received) blessings from Hef about their current men they are engaged/dating. Doesn’t that seem kind of weird? After all, isn’t Hef the “ex”?

Octomom – Now, I fully agree that she should not have all of those implanted since she was not stable financially (and perhaps mentally). However, I am starting to feel a bit sorry for her and especially for those children. The media coverage on her has been completely insane! There is not a day that she is not a topic. So, in a way, I really don’t blame her in trying to harness this attention and get some good out of it (a.k.a. get help). Admittedly, I think she could be doing a better job of it. However, I see it as her trying to make “lemonade” out of the lemons (media attention) she is receiving. I pray that some day the media will find something else to draw its attention away from her. Perhaps then, she can receive the real help that she and her family needs.

Chris Brown / Rihanna – This is just a sad case all around. I sincerely hope that Rihanna can find the strength to separate her self from this man and this whole situation. I know that it is extremely difficult. I’ve lived this abuse situation first hand with my parents years and years ago. Rihanna is a role model for many girls/women whether she wanted to be or not. I hope that she can be a good role model in this and show the female masses that it is not okay to be treated so. In doing so, perhaps she can encourage her self-image to grow positively.

Madonna – Who cares that she is dating Jesus? Madonna is a cougar. There is no surprise revelation in that statement. So, god blesses her if she has moved on from her failed marriage with Guy. (Isn’t Guy much younger than her too?) I just hope that Guy and Madonna can keep it civil for the kids’ sake.

Michael Jackson – Another tour? Seriously??? I’m sorry but who wants to go? I was a big fan of his back in the day… back before the surgeries, court cases, etc. He is different now. Doesn’t he know that he is now become a butt of a joke?

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GenWar said...

Hef is cool. Those girls are crazy.

Octomom is crazy.

Chris brown is's a butt wad. This is the one fly in my theory. But we can agree that Rhianna is wrong to stay with him.

Jesus is cool. Guy is cool. Madonna is gross.

Michael Jackson is one of the coolest pop stars ever.

seeing the pattern here?