Friday, March 13, 2009

Why do this?

I can completely understand about hating a job so much that you decide to move on. There is nothing wrong in finding something in life that you like to do. However, I do think it is wrong to quit a job without giving proper notice.

A fellow (now former) employee just quit her job today. Her exit is far from graceful. She sent an email to resign from her job and left for lunch to never return. She didn’t even tell anyone that she was leaving. You know what sucks? She left a pile of work on her desk that must be completed today… no exceptions. Nothing was done. Now, the people in her department had to drop everything to cover this work. Why do this? A person doesn’t have to like their co-workers but should at least respect the work that he/she is responsible for. Your fellow co-workers are counting on you. No notice to me is a very selfish way of departure.

I also do not believe that in today’s market that you should “burn your bridges”. You never know where life is going to lead you. Now, you just completely closed (demolished even) a door that you may have had to turn to in the future.

It’s a shame really.

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GenWar said...

People are stupid.

They think that they are screwing their boss. The work must be done and they aren't doing it...Hahaha, screw you boss. They never stop to realize that the boss isn't going to do the work.'ll be someone else in the company who is now itchin' to kick said former employee in the balls next time they see them.

People just don't think. At least one guy who didn't think is getting 15 to Life. (

People suck.