Monday, April 18, 2011

The 30 Days Project: Day 18

What is "The 30 Days Project"? You might want to read this brief posting first.


Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
My ultimate goal is to get my family's financial back under control by getting rid of this debt that is hanging over our heads while still enjoying life. I've taken steps to help accomplish such as signing up for credit card debit help. We pretty much pared down our home life to what we find to be the essentials to help us get through these rough years. Now, we just need to work on overall saving goals so that we can do the stuff that we would love to have or do... such as owning a second car (not necessarily new but definitely reliable) or going on a vacation (of sorts).
I am planning to do some minor upgrades around the house. Other than the Little One's room, I haven't done any painting or decorative steps in our house since we moved in. I plan to paint our living room and take down the ugly curtains that were leftover from the previous owners. I also hope to hang up new blinds as well as curtains that match what I am trying to achieve. The replacement of the carpet will need to wait until more money available... also the Little One (and perhaps The Hubby) be a little more careful in the living room with food & drinks.
Not to mention working on my "year of small changes"...

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